Wuxi Julong Plastics Co., Ltd. (originally  Wuxi No. 1 Plastics  Factory) was established in 1956 which is a medium-sized enterprise with a history more than 60 years  and is specializing in the production of engineering plastic products. In 1992, it has the registered capital of 18.36 million RMB and was afforded 34.5 million RMB from the municipal goverment  when the enterprise entered the industry zone in 2008, as to the end of 2009 the total assets of the enterprise reached 103.86 million RMB. It covers an area of 32,000 square meters, with the construction area of 28,000 square meters and 250 employees, The annual production capacity is 9,000 tons of various plastic products. And its main products are various kinds of plastic containers, logistics boxes and plastic pallets, special plastic packing boxes  for CHINA BANKNOTE PRINTING AND MINTING CORPORATION, plastic parts for household electric appliances and motors (E-motors) as well as engineering plastic products. And such products are famous for its trademark of “Julong”.

The company always takes technology as its forerunner, management as its basis and quality as its center,with various kinds of professionals  totally amounting to 67, and one team of staff with high education, good skill, united, objective, creative and effective action.

The company has advanced technology and equipments, including 28 sets of mold manufacturing equipments (among them 7 numerical processing centers). Designing and making large-scale molds with hot runner and complicated  cavity  with CAD/CAM, it is also specially good at processing nonferrous metals’ accessories. The company imported the large-scale injection molding machine with clamping force of 1600 tons and injection volume of 11800g from Japan Steel Works, and the large-scale  injection molding machine with clamping force of 2700 tons and injection volume of 25000g from Cincinnati Milacron. The company was also equipped 20 sets of various kinds of large/medium-scale  injection molding machines with clamping force between 650 tons to 80 tons. It has established its own  physical and chemical test center with relative consummate ways to complete  testing process from incoming inspection of raw materials to delivery of finished products.

The company has a good reputation for its products’ high quality. It has various kinds of plastic containers with complete specifications and good quality among the same traders nationwide. It won the National Silver Medal in 1985 and again in 1990 after the re-inspection. It is now the chairman of Injection  Professional Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, and has  become the important pilot enterprise in the packaging industry and State Light Industry Administration. And it provides plastic parts for  motor and household electric appliances to partners like Shanghai Volkswagen, Changchun FAW, NAVECO, Guangzhou Peugeot, YAMAHA, Little Swan Washing Machine, Siemens Washing Machine, Panasonic Reefer, Merloni Dish Washing Machine, Chunlan A/C as well as groups and enterprises like Midea and Haier.

The company has established the  information system with computer managerment since 1998, and passed the ISO9002 quality system which enable the company to control the product quality in the whole process effectively relying on scientific management and quality system. It was rewarded as a company with good credit and abiding by contract in successive years by the city, and since 1991 it was rewarded as the civilized company of Jiangsu Province every year.